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Right now, this very moment, countless people are enjoying Tentipi Adventure Tents in some of the most glorious places on earth.

Somewhere - without even having to get out of their sleeping bag - someone is pulling the drawstring that opens Tentipi's patented In-Tent Vent system. Hot air immediately begins to flow up and out, cooler ground-level air is pulled in, the tent quickly cools just as the morning desert sun begins to blaze outside.

In another part of the world, someone else is camped in high in the mountains while snow swirls around outside. But inside their heated Tentipi Adventure tent, they remain warm, dry, and secure, enjoying the warm glow of a fire and a hot cup of tea.

Tentipi Adventure tent enthusiasts around the planet are not just enduring the elements, they're embracing them. They're not merely surviving, they're thriving. They are actively using and appreciating the unique features Tentipi Nordic Tipi's have become world famous for. They are thankful for having invested in the highest quality and most elegantly designed shelter systems available anywhere.

We invite you to learn why. Explore our website. Watch some of our videos. See our products in use. Learn why Tentipi Nordic Tipis have attained legendary status by some of the most seasoned adventurers worldwide.

Right now, you can shop here for Tentipi Adventure tents and tent stoves. We're happy to help you choose which products will be best for your lifetime of adventures. Most items are in stock and available for immediate shipping throughout North America.

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